Why Use Found.ie?

Found.ie is the only dedicated website in Ireland for found property.  Use Found.ie to notify people that you have found something. 

There are many websites and newspapers where you can post your found ad, but most ads are not seen by most people. The goal of Found.ie is to be the No. 1 website in Ireland, to help find the owners of found property.  Ads on Found.ie are free, and may be displayed for days, weeks, months or even years. 

We've had some ads from people who found something years ago, and are still trying to locate the rightful owner.  Found.ie will hopefully be able to connect the finder with the owner.

Found.ie provides:

  • an easy to use website to create (and manage) your ad
  • a 'Found' poster to assist with your search (to print and distribute)

All Ads are FREE. Therefore everyone can use this service.

By creating an ad on Found.ie , and displaying or distributing some Found posters, you can help to MAXIMIZE your chance of returning what you have found.


We will be continually promoting and advertising Found.ie on other websites and in the media, in order to increase the awareness of the website, and increase the viewing audience of the ads. In addition, the Found.ie team will choose ads to promote as the 'Find of the week'.


 The Found.ie Team