If someone loses a phone or a wallet or any personal item, it can be very stressful. It can also be quite stressful for that person to back-track to everywhere they've just been, and search or phone every location.

Many items are left in taxi's, trains, hotels, restaraunts, airports and aeroplanes, concert venues, parks etc..

If you operate one of these types of businesses, you can now tell your customers that if you (or your staff) find something on your premises / in your vehicle, that you will report it found on This would give you customer great peace of mind, and it would compliment your existing customer service.

It will also prevent your business receiving many phone calls and visits from people looking for their lost item.  That can be very time-consuming and costly to your business. Just let them know to check first on

You and your business will save time and money as a result.  And this service is FREE.

You could display your own branded sign or sticker, or place a sticker like this on the front door (next to the credit-card stickers). Email us on support( put at symbol here ) and we will send your business some stickers.

sample sticker