We hope that our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will help to answer your questions. If you have an additional question, please use the Contact form or send us an email to support( put at symbol here )found.ie .

The Found.ie Team.


How long will my ad be displayed ? Can I renew my ad ?

When ads are created they are listed for 12 months, and you can renew your ad as many times as you wish (you never know when the owner will see your ad !). At the end of the 12th month, we will remind you to renew your ad so that irrelevant ads are not left on the website.

What should I do if I have found something ?

It is a good idea to get the word out.  Place an ad on Found.ie and if possible, display or distribute posters in the area where the item was found.

  • First, check on Reward.ie to see if it's been reported lost or stolen.
  • Create your ad on Found.ie
  • Put in as much detail as possible. Pictures are important but not essential. You can keep your personal information private if you wish. Use similar pictures from the Internet if you don't have actual pictures.
  • Tell people about your find. Print and distribute your posters. Display your posters in the neighbourhood (laminate or rain-proof any posters that will be displayed outside), hand out to people, into shops and businesses. Put them up on notice boards. Notice boards in Garda/police stations can get results.
  • Report your loss on other websites as well, and include a link to Found.ie where you can have full details and photos.

The important thing is to get the word out !

Why should I put up Found posters ?

Putting up posters is a proven way to dramatically increase your chances of finding the owner. For example, if an item is found in a specific area, it makes sense to put up some posters immediately in that area.  See our Posters page for examples.

How can I avoid being a victim of a scam?

If someone contacts you in response to your Found.ie ad, it works the same way as if your ad was on any other website or newspaper. You should ask specific questions to confirm that ther person actually is the owner of the item or pet. Most people will be honest, but if you are concerned, arrange to meet the person at a public place (rather than at your home or office), and bring someone with you. All scams or illegal activity should be reported immediately. Email us as well so that we can alert others.

What does it cost ?

  • All Ads are FREE !
    - includes up to 5 photos
    - includes a FREE poster for you to print
    - ads will be displayed randomly in the 'Featured Ads and Posters' section on the home page
    - can be chosen for the 'Find of the week'
    - is displayed for 12 months (and you can then renew for free at that time).
  • Laminated Posters: Found.ie offers a service where we will laminate your posters and post to you. That will save you having to go to a printer or laminate it yourself. There is a charge of €9.99 to print 25 of your posters, and laminate 5 of them (includes post and packaging, available to addresses in Ireland only). That's great value. Just make sure your address is listed in your account profile ('Manage your Ads', 'Modify your Account').

How do I pay for the Laminating service ?

Found.ie uses PayPal (www.paypal.com), one of the most trusted and secure internet payment services (with over 150 million accounts worldwide). You can either create and use a paypal account, or use their credit card facility. It's very simple, and very secure. Your payment will be processed and a receipt issued by PayPal on behalf of Reward Ireland.  Found.ie does not issue refunds or credit.

Can I pay if I don't have a credit card / paypal account ?

Sure - just create your ad and stop at the payment section. Post us a cheque (made payable to 'Found In Ireland') with details of your ad, and we will send you your laminated posters.

How can I get my ad promoted as the 'Find of the week' ?

The Found.ie team choose one ad per week to be featured as the 'Find of the week'. If you want your ad to be considered, tell aout your reward. Email us on support( put at symbol here )found.ie.

Can I keep my personal contact information private ?

Yes. When you register, you create a user-name and password. People can contact you using this user-name, in order to keep your personal information private.

Can I put up a poster but keep my personal contact information private ?

Yes. And people can contact you via your ad on the website.

If I found something, for example 3 years ago, it is still worth posting an ad or putting up a poster ?

Yes.& Found.ie now gives you another chance to locate the owner. Posters could be a very important part of this.

Can I put up a Video on the website

The easiest way to do this is to put your video onto www.youtube.com and put a link on your Found.ie ad.

If I locate the owner, how can I remove my ad from display ?

Login using your username and password. Go to the 'Manage Your Ads' section, choose your ad, and press the 'Hide' button. You will be able to re-display you ad again if you wish.

Does Reward.ie review ads to avoid spammers and illegal or offensive ads ?

Yes. To avoid spammers and illegal or offensive ads, Found.ie moderates ads, and reserves the right to remove any ad, or user.

In addition, there is functionality attached to each ad to allow you to report an illegal or offensive ad. Click on the "Report this ad" button and follow the instructions, or email us on support( put at symbol here )found.ie. The Found.ie moderator will review the ad and take the appropriate action.