About Us

Found.ie was founded by Lisa Cullen                     and Paul McCarthy, and went live in November 2009. 

The idea originally came to us when we lost a mobile phone at a Bruce Sprinsteen concert (at the RDS in 2008).  Someone (no doubt) did find it, but that person had no good way of trying to locate us and return the phone.  Thus www.Found.ie .

The idea is very simple.  Instead of the finder repeatedly looking through all the newspapers and websites in Ireland with lost and found sections, he or she can place a single ad on Found.ie , and wait for the owner to get in touch.  Many people who do find stuff, do want to return it.  Found.ie is a simple and effective way to connect the finder with the owner.

The ads are easy to create, can include one or more pictures, and have a very good search and browse capability. We wanted everyone to be able to use this service, therefore all ads are FREE. A key feature is that a user can print their own 'Found' posters (for FREE) to display and distribute.

Our goal is to provide a valuable and free service to the public, and perhaps in the years ahead to have some ad revenue to cover the costs of running the site.

We will be continually promoting and advertising Found.ie on other websites and in the media, in order to increase the awareness of the website, and increase the viewing audience of the ads.  For example, a recent article in the Sunday Tribune:

New features at Found.ie will be determined by you, the users. All comments and suggestions welcome.

Success for us is hearing from people who have used our service, and have found what they are looking for. We are excited about the future of this web service, and how it might be used and evolve in the future.

Thank you.
The Found.ie Team.